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Design and Execute Custom In-House Solutions

In our experience both the VFX Producer and the VFX Supervisor simply do not have the time to run an in-house team. Once a film is in full ‘postproduction swing’, the Producer and Supervisor are required to supervise and manage vendors meaning they often have little time for their in-house teams. Furthermore, in-house artists need constant supervision and feedback.

Red VFX provides an efficient solution which solves both problems. We build a custom database which is integrated with the production’s allowing the VFX Producer to receive live updates on their project. Our pipeline is better than that of long-established VFX companies, because it is alive, built specifically for each project, simple, easy to adjust and always evolving to remain the best option on the market. Not many companies can say the same about their pipeline. Contact us to ask about our more detailed, unique five-step process.